Winter is Ovah!

The birds are a-chirping, the days are a-warmer and the flowers are a-blooming….yessss! Spring makes me get all cheesy inside and out. And for darn good reason.

On the East Coast, we had freezing rain, icy roads, blizzards and it was pretty much cold as h*ll these past few months, so on that first warm day of the year we were ready to give us FREE!

Now while I usually loooove my winter days, curled up under my throw, sipping on some chai and binging on a good Netflix series, I was so READY for winter to be over.

I was tawd, not tired, tawd of coats, tawd of boots, tawd of not being able to let the sun warm up my face and spirit.

So now that the Spring Equinox has occurred and all of nature is aligned with this season, let me tell you the top 3 things I love about Spring:

1. How Nature just gets it, and it EVERYTHING comes to life

Beautiful blossoms doing what they do best...blooming!

Beautiful blossoms doing what they do best…blooming!

The birds don’t wait to come up North in the Spring. The flowers don’t ask for persmission to bud and bloom their beautiful petals. The hibernating animals don’t seek approval from the rest of the animal world to remerge. When the weather changes, so do they, like clockwork. They just do it. No hesitation at all. I take a cue from nature to bloom during this season as Spring is usually the time when my mind starts racing and filling with ideas about a new wellness venture or offering.

2. Bountiful cherry blossom trees blooming ALL over the city

soaking in the sun at Monument with the little fella!

soaking in the sun at Monument with the little fella!

There’s nothing more iconically Spring in the District than cherry blossoms blooming all over the city. A gift from Japan over 100 years ago, these white and pink petals are ubiquitous in the DC metro area. I’ve been blessed to live on a tree-lined street (yes that is possible in DC 😉 that has five cherry trees so I get to see them in full bloom right from my window.

And when I want to see them in a grove, I head down to the Washington Monument, like I did last week and had a mini-picnic with my son. We sat right under the trees and there was just enough wind to create a soothing whooshing sounds between the branches. But these trees are short-lived and are only in full bloom for about two weeks every year in mid to late March. So if you can make it to DC during that time, come on down, it’s worth it!

3. The freshness in the air

That freshness is not just in nature, it’s in our thoughts, feelings and how motivated we become this time of year. It’s like this season just brings a natural momentum that gets people going! When new ideas and energies come we have to make room for them by leaving behind stale thoughts and emotions (and sometimes people) that don’t serve us. In order to let the freshness come in we gotta get the other crap out. You don’t see flowers trying to bloom using last year’s buds that have already withered and died. Nope. They start anew every Spring season.

So let’s take our cues from nature, reawaken our dormant life-affirming ideas and embrace the abundant beauty of this season.

If you need a little help detoxing your old thoughts and patterns, there’s space in the spring Sistas Yoga Series, Twist Out The C.R.A.P. We kick off on April 3rd.

So what are some things you LOVE about this season?

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