It’s all about connection and commitment…to your sisters, your community and yourself.

Sistas Yoga Series is a weekly commitment and a testimony to showing up for yourself. It is a 6-week experience of yoga, sisterhood and connection. In a class of like-minded sistas, we open up to what our beautiful, bodacious, bad a** bodies can do in a yoga practice, learn to listen to our over-flowing minds during guided meditations and take a break from stress-filled lives with mindful breathing. Afterwards, we gather in a SistaCircle where we share some of our “ahas” and “good lawds” we discovered during the practice.


Included in the Series:

6 classes, guided meditation, hot tea, water and tons of sisterhood. On the last class of each session, we’ll have a mini-celebration because after showing up for yourself for 6 weeks, you deserve to partay!

We meet on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm at The Heartnest Wellness Center in Catonsville, MD. The self investment is $59. To preserve the intimacy of the space, each session is only open to ten sistas. Secure your space here sis.

How it all began…

In 2011, I fell in love hard…like really hard…with yoga and the yumminess it brought to my body, mind and spirit. I had a consistent home practice but craved a community feel. So off I went on a quest around my city of Baltimore to find my “yoga home”. I practiced at damn near every yoga studio in town, and with each place I went to I couldn’t shake that irksome outsider feeling. Studio after studio I scanned the room looking for a brown face but alas, 9 out of 10 times, I was the only black women in the class. In a city where the population of African-Americans was over 60%, I found it hard to believe that we didn’t practice yoga in larger group settings.

My love affair with yoga was deepening and I had a yearning to share this love with others like me. Since I knew I was hard pressed to build a community from the classes I was attending, I had to do something. Which led me to leading five of my sister-friends in a vinyasa class in my apartment ‘s living room on a Sunday morning. And from there Sistas Yoga Sundays (SYS) was born. A short while later we found a new home at the serene Heart Nest Wellness Center in Catonsville, MD. For over six years, I’ve embraced hundreds of women as they entered my class rolled out their mats and flowed. My students come from many backgrounds, age groups, and share different faiths, but one thing remains constant, we are women and we are building a tribe.

January 30-March 13

Blissed Out

We kickstart the new series and embark on a journey of embrace bliss and joy as we flow into 2018 loving every bit of you.

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April 3-May 8

Love Yo’ Body 

Learn detoxing poses to help you wring out that good winter eating! Blossom into the spring season as we release thoughts and emotions that don’t serve you.

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July 10-August 14

Bring the Heat 

Summertime is meant for play! Expect to go upside down—a lot as we get over some fears in playful poses that bring heat and fresh energy to our bodies as it heats up outside.

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September 9-October 14

Change Some Ish

As the leaves fall outside, we shed negative energies and learn to open ourselves up for true surrender and positive change.

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November 4-December 9

Go In, Unplug

Winter is time to go within, take a step back from the world and reconnect with your higher purpose as you set your intentions for the next year.

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