DownloadedFileEvery year at this time people set their goals for the new year, especially heath-centered ones.We see a barrage of things like, “Lose 10 pounds” “Eat more Veggies” “Run a Marathon”

While I love the excitement that these resolutions bring, I’m not a fan of the short lifespan most of them have. A lot are made in January and forgotten by the middle of February.

I’m more of a fan of goals. Goals give you something to actually aspire to not just an idea of what you want to do. Goals are juicy!

Why so juicy, you may ask, well beacause instead of saying I want to lose 10 pounds, make a monthly goal to lose a 5 lbs. Then from that goal do the steps necessary to reach it (walk around your block 3x everyday, no sodas at lunch time. etc)

So in this new year let’s focus on goals not just words. Get a jump-start to your goal-setting  at this year’s Vinyasa & Vision workshop. Surround yourself with beautiful people, flow through an inspiring yoga class here!

(revised from 2014)

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