• Why would you feature other African-American women yoga teachers? Aren’t you afraid that your students will go to their classes?

Short answer: ‘Cause it’s enough love to go around. Long answer: I’m a firm believer that if you see someone doing something similar as you, don’t see them as competion but as a collaborator. This world is full of nasty competitors out for the jugular and I have no desire to be amongst them. If I see a sister doing what I am doing, then kudos and positive energy to her. The women who attend my class are meant to attend my classes and the Creator send whom He wants.

  • Do I have to be Black or from a country in the African diaspora to attend your classes?

No ma’am. But you do have to be a woman to attend most of the classes (except seasonal and weekly group classes or special family events listed here). I gear my classes to women who are from the African diaspora to provide relief, expansion and connection that is missing in many of our lives. If you are a sister from another background feel free to come to the classes, all I ask is that you have an open mind and heart.

  • I have a SYS punch card, is it still valid?

No that class punch card is no longer vaild. However, if you paid for classes in advance, then you can apply that paid amount to the purchase of one of the 2016 SYS series. Please email me at info@nazaahahamin.com and you will be sent a special discounted code to purchase a SYS Series pass. Find more info on the new series here.

  • Do you teach men or kids?

Yes and No. The majority of my classes are catered towards women, but there will be various events throughout the year that are open to the entire family. It will be indicated on the marketing material if it’s open for all ages and genders. I am available to teach children’s classes. If you would like me to bring a session to your school, Girl Scout troop, young ladies organization or youth program please contact me here.


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