3 Ways to Mother Yourself this Mother’s Day

Mother you first.

Yup I mean it sis…mother. you. first.

As women, we give and give and give then…hole up…there’s one more drop left in us, so we give that too. And 9 out of 10 times, that last drop is given to someone else, not yourself.

When we do that, we can be left feeling depleted and we start to run on auto-pilot instead of consciously living a joy-filled life.

So it’s time we do for ourselves what our mothers did for us and what we do for our own children…..take care of you first!

Here are three simple ways you can do just that:

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Why I’m so pumped that Winter is OVAH!

The birds are a-chirping, the days are a-warmer and the flowers are a-blooming….yessss! Spring makes me get all cheesy and feel all good inside.

On the East Coast we had freezing rain, icy roads, a blizzard and it was pretty much cold as h*ll,so on that first warm day of the year we were ALL ready to give us FREE!

Now while I usually loooove my winter days, curled up under my throw, sipping on some chai and binging on a good Netflix series, I was so READY for winter to be over.

I was tawd, not tired…

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Love Letter to My Sistas

Dear Beautiful Black Woman,

You are right where you are supposed to be in life.

All that you have done in your life has brought you to this day. This day that is like no other.

This day that can be crafted to be whatever you choose, because you are in control of your life and the people and energies you allow in it.

I see you sis.

Yea I do. I see your beauty shining through in all that you do.

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Resolution or Goals?

Every year at this time people set their goals for the new year, especially heath-centered ones.We see a barrage of things like, “Lose 10 pounds” “Eat more Veggies” “Run a Marathon”

While I love the excitement that these resolutions bring, I’m not a fan of the short lifespan most of them have. A lot are made in January and forgotten by the middle of February.

I’m more of a fan of goals. Goals give you something to actually aspire to not just an idea of what you want to do. Goals are juicy!

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Practicing the Nguzo Saba all year long

Kwanzaa just passed and while many have put away the kinara for the year, put back the fruits and given the kids the zawadi (gifts), the principles of this past week stay with us.

Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa or not, the 7 principles of the Nguzo Saba are things we can incorporate into our lives all year long. As mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and friends we have tremendous influence in our homes.

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