Mother Yourself


Mother you first. Yup I mean it sis…mother. you. first.

As women, we give and give and give then…hole up…there’s one more drop left in us, so we give that too. And 9 out of 10 times, that last drop is given to someone else, not yourself.

When we do that, we can be left feeling depleted and we start to run on auto-pilot instead of consciously living a joy-filled life.

So it’s time we care for ourselves what our mothers did for us and what we do for our own children. Here are three simple ways you can do just that:

1. Treat yourself like a newborn baby.

Yea you read that right. Tend to your needs as soon as they need to be done. When a baby cries because it’s hungry, what does a mother do? Feed her. When a baby needs soothing, what does a mother do? Massage her, coddle her, speak soft encouraging words to her. So take your cue from the babies, when you have a need that needs to be met, let it be known and then tend to it right away.

2. Like child, like mother.

Sleepless nights, baggy eyes, stained clothes, matted hair and just plain feeling like crap. This is the story for many mothers, new and seasoned. But guess how the babies and children are? Well-rested, bright eyed, fresh clothes, well-groomed and playful. And that’s because their mother made sure all of their needs were met BEFORE she took care of her own. So know I’m letting you know that is perfectly fine to do tend to your needs first sis.

The same way you will see that your child goes to sleep at a decent time so they’ll be rested, make sure you put yourself to bed at a decent time for your well-being and health. The same way you make sure your kids have fresh clean clothes on daily, make sure you go out looking your best beautiful self on the regular!

3. Mother knows best.

As mamas one thing we do is give advice. Why? Because we want the best for our children and life has shown us a thing or two and we want to impart that knowledge onto our kids. Another reason is because we have that innate feminine intuition where we just know that we know. Well follow that intuition sis, and heed your own advice. Most times our gut gives us signs when something is amazing for us and when we need stay far, far, far away from it. Listen to your inner voice. ‘Cause just like your mama, she knows what she’s talking about.

Talk to me sis! In what ways will you mother yourself this Mother’s Day?

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